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Tailoring technology for businesses within the professional services sector.

“So glad we found Zia! We had just the greatest experience."
Beverly Garcia

Modern IT Solutions

for professional services.

Zia Networks is known throughout New Mexico for being an experienced IT service provider for firms offering financial services such as accounting, banking and brokering.

We know the business, and understand the regulatory requirements that are needed in your industry as well as how you work from day to day. We apply our knowledge and experience to help our clients navigate through mandated requirements and deliver an IT infrastructure that is reliable and compliant.

At Zia Networks, we understand that you are 100% reliant on your computer systems. If they go down, it compromises their operations and increases risk; neither of which are acceptable to the regulatory agencies or your esteemed clients and investors.

Appreciating the challenges you face.

Lack Knowledge?

Your provider should learn and understand your industry to help improve your business functions through technology.

Too Technical?

Do they make you feel overwhelmed with difficult to understand tech language that leaves you unaware what the next step is?

Hiding Costs?

With IT including many different components, it is not uncommon for providers to leave you bewildered by vague pricing.

Slow Responses?

Downtime is costing you money. Don’t hold up your business operations with your providers slow or ineffective response.

IT Support for Government Contractors

Client case study.



NMLR supports a world-wide client base with reports that are provided on subscription, and having a large global client base presents the business with a persistent IT-challenge; the need to support 24/7 up-time. Beverly reached out to Zia, having been let down with the level of service received from her previous un-proactive provider. 

How we helped

To support secure and consistently reliable access, we upgraded the firewall and infrastructure within the business, and provide our proactive 24/7 monitoring and maintenance service to sustain the uptime of NMLR’s network and client service. 

We’re proud to support Beverley and her team with support both in and out of standard office hours. Helping reduce their threat landscape, allowing them to focus on delivering excellence for their clients.

“So glad we found Zia! We at New Mexico Legislative Reports just had the GREATEST experience. Server migration was seamless, our remote access substantially improved, internal directories reorganized, and the flotsam and jetsam in our central IT area replaced with real order! A clear network topology was provided. These are real professionals who are focused on customer needs and excellence. No messing around; no wasted time or unnecessary purchases. They just come in and quietly do the work necessary to enable us to do our work. Thank you, Zia!”

Beverly Garcia

New Mexico Legislative Reports

IT Support
for Law Firms

Client Testimonial.


"Zia has helped me work from home via installing a VPN and I appreciate their general availability to call me if I have tech issues during work hours; They are always readily available to assist with remote access issues. I call and they’re in my computer within minutes fixing the problem; It’s great that Zia can remote in; No problem is too small; Zia encourages us to reach out to them so that we can get the help we need; When I feel like giving up because my computer or the software isn’t functioning as it should and I’m at my wit’s end, Zia will stick with getting the issue resolved even if it takes a long time – they don’t limit us to a certain timeframe; Zia is resourceful – they are aware of products that will enhance our office’s effectiveness and efficiency and they make recommendations based on their observations or the question that are posed. Thank you Zia – we were unsure about transferring our IT services over to you – it’s a BIG DEAL. We’re glad we did!!!"

Hunt Law Firm

How we can help you.


Monitor and proactively manage your entire IT infrastructure through our Managed Services.


Provide you a quarterly business review with documentation for auditors.

Disaster Recovery

Ensure your systems provide the disaster recovery and business continuity mandated by regulators.


Work with your operations management to improve productivity while securing sensitive data.

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