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To be truly competitive in today’s business world, it’s important for even small companies in Albuquerque to have the newest technology and support – but IT is becoming challenging to maintain and oversee thanks to the huge numbers of programs, devices and computers required.

Where is Albuquerque, how did it come about? When the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad arrived in 1880, it bypassed the Plaza, locating the passenger depot and railyards about 2 miles (3 km) east in what quickly became known as New Albuquerque or New Town. The railway company built a hospital for its workers that was later a juvenile psychiatric facility and has now been converted to a hotel.

"Zia Networks has a fantastic customer service team and expert technical advice.

A company we can rely on to support us is so important to us and Zia delivers that.”


Mona Angel

Kinesio Group, Albuquerque

Reliable IT Support Albuquerque

We understand the challenges you face in business.


Slow computers, cyber threats, data loss and poorly aligned technology is holding your Albuquerque business back. Downtime impacts productivity, which hits your profits.​

Data Compliance

Industry compliance obligations and legislative burden from state or federal level can weigh your business down and add complexity to your IT environment.


The way businesses and their teams need to communicate and share sensitive data have changed. Keeping pace while remaining secure and productive can be a headache.

Remote Work

Keeping your team productive while working on-site, at home or on-the-go can be a challenge to get right. Your IT needs to flex dynamically to your users demands.​

“Zia Networks has championed our needs as a non-profit organization. The IT support has exceeded the "Customer Service" expectations.

Paul and his team have assisted in identifying and implementing compliance protocols that meets HIPPA and funding requirements.

I have worked with Zia Networks in a prior capacity, and their work ethics are not only consistent, but exemplary.”

Curtis Miera

Haven House

Looking for IT Support in Albuquerque?

The Zia Networks team has worked for multiple computer companies in the past, which ranged from break/fix to Network Management to IT Managed Services. These experiences have taught us to stay calm in stressful situations and know that there is always a solution to a problem. 

In 2014, Zia Networks was created to provide IT Services across Albuquerque.

Technology is the driver to help your Albuquerque business evolve and overcome many operational challenges.  

Find out how we can help your business too by booking a free discovery meeting with our team today.

Next-level IT Support in Albuquerque

How we can help you.

Full Service

Full-service technical support from our IT experts in Albuquerque.


Increase or reduce your IT services as needed.

Data Security

24/7 monitoring of ongoing observation of your systems.


Enhanced productivity across the business.

"Zia Networks has provided excellent IT support to our company.

Their staff are extremely knowledgeable and has worked hand in hand to help grow our company while being able to keep our operating systems up to date with all the latest technology.

There is not a job that they can't handle while providing the best quality customer care."

Gabriel Martinez

GM Emulsion, New Mexico

Feeling let down by your IT?

Have you spent a fortune on technology and software, but aren’t getting value? 

Zia Networks is led with honesty, loyalty, and kindness. After 8 years, we have never lost a client.  

It has been a great opportunity to work with the Albuquerque community and support our local businesses that want to make an impact on the world. 

Find out how we can help your business too by booking a free discovery call with our team today.

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How It Works.


Allow us to get aligned with your technology needs.


We go to your business and learn about your network to best support it.


We give you a plan that is customized just for you.

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Delivering proactive IT Support to businesses across Albuquerque.

You are the sort of person who wants your business to flourish, and Zia Networks is aware of this. You must put your clients and workplace productivity front and centre if you want to do that. You are having trouble keeping up with technology, which is the problem; as a result, you feel discouraged and like giving up.

According to our opinion, your company demands shouldn’t have to take a back seat to your IT requirements. We are aware of the effort and cost involved in finding a solution. In order to assist you, we are here.

Here’s how it works: Schedule a call with us, and we will visit your place of business and inspect your computers and network. We will then create a customized plan just for you. So, give our Zia Networks team a call today, so you can stop fixing your computers and start growing your business.

Why IT Support is so important for businesses based in Albuquerque.

In today’s rapidly advancing digital landscape, a Santa Fe-based business requires reliable IT support to navigate the intricacies of technology and ensure seamless operations. Zia Networks emerges as the top choice for IT support providers due to its exceptional track record of delivering comprehensive and tailored solutions. With a team of highly skilled professionals, Zia Networks offers timely assistance in addressing technical issues, optimizing network infrastructure, and safeguarding sensitive data from cyber threats. Their proactive approach, combined with extensive knowledge and experience, allows businesses to focus on their core objectives while relying on Zia Networks to handle their IT needs efficiently and effectively. With Zia Networks as the trusted IT support provider, Santa Fe businesses can rest assured that their technological infrastructure is in capable hands.

IT Support Albuquerque
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Why choose Zia Networks in Albuquerque

Zia Networks in Albuquerque stands out as the premier choice for IT support for a multitude of compelling reasons. First and foremost, our commitment to unparalleled expertise and cutting-edge technology ensures that your IT infrastructure is in the most capable hands. With a dedicated team of seasoned professionals, we provide comprehensive solutions tailored to your specific needs, whether it’s network security, data management, or system optimization.

Furthermore, Zia Networks prioritizes customer satisfaction above all else. We understand the critical role that IT plays in today’s business landscape, and we are available around the clock to provide swift and effective support. Our responsive customer service, coupled with our unwavering dedication to staying ahead of technological advancements, makes Zia Networks the top choice for IT support in Albuquerque. Choose us, and experience the peace of mind that comes with having a reliable partner to handle all your IT needs.

Meet Paul Quintana - he's here to help with your infrastructure.

Why not book a convenient 30 minutes with our Director?

He regularly offers these huge value sessions, without charge, to companies who feel overwhelmed with their infrastructure issues and need guidance and the right expertise.

It’s a free, no-obligation chat and it could start you on the path to removing the pains of IT.

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