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“Great Company. I am very happy with Zia Networks fantastic customer service team and expert technical advice."
Mona Angel
Kinesio Group

Modern IT Solutions

for manufacturing organisations.

As an engineer, you know the importance of a strong structure that can weather a storm – but this is just as important for your IT. After all, if your computers are not working effectively, frequent downtime causes lost productivity, missed deadlines, and crippling costs. For every minute your team isn’t productive, you lose billable hours and revenue.

Keep focus on your clients and billable hours. Zia Networks understands the technology tools your business needs to thrive.

Your firm faces unique technology challenges: engineers 24×7 access to their computer tools, CAD and design software must be properly integrated to offer maximum speed and reliability, and your firm’s network must maintain uptime.

We understand the challenges you face in manufacturing.

Data Protection?

Finding that your critical data is left out in the open to the many online threats?

Dated Software?

Are you using a combination of software packages that don't work well together?

IT Security?

Often finding that you're under attack from multiple cyber attacks?

Poor Support?

Spending most of the time with problems and broken IT systems?

Client case study.



Kinesio Holding Corporation reached out to us in the Summer of 2021. They wanted to find a provider who was responsive and technically savvy. We met several times and proposed to move their software services to the Cloud, upgrade their network, firewall and email server.

How we helped

Migrating Kinesio’s services to the Cloud has improved the reliability of their technology, reducing their downtime to an estimated five minutes a year. Their data is secure and is GDPR compliant, securely backed-up, and easily accessible.

We’ve now been working with Kinesio for a year, and they are pleased with the service that we provide, saying “Zia Networks provides a regular on-site visit with a checklist that documents anything we should pay attention to soon. This allows their team not to have to worry about IT.” And are looking forward to their User Network and Security Training.

“Great Company. I am very happy with Zia Networks fantastic customer service team and expert technical advice. We talked to a lot of companies, and we chose to work with Zia because of their documentation process, security solutions, task management, and cost-effective ideas to help us with our server migration, etc. A company we can rely on to support us is important to us and Zia has delivered that.”

Mona Angel

Kinesio Group

Client case study.



We were recommended to Star CryoElectronics, following a failed server migration by their current IT provider. We were recommended by another IT provider who knew we had the expertise to be able to help them out.

How we helped

When we started working with Star CryoElectronics, we noticed that their server cluster was completely misconfigured. After the first seven days, we’d shut off two of their servers and migrated one over to us.

After the first month, we’d replaced two firewalls, upgraded their PC’s to Windows 10 and added additional security to their Microsoft Outlook with third-party spam protection and antivirus.

We are currently working with them on the CMMC Levels One and Two compliance to ensure that they can continue their work with the Department of Defense.

We provide an entire IT team to support Star CryoElectronics local employees and remote users, with emergency support out of hours.

“Zia Networks is by far the best IT services provider we have worked with at STAR Cryoelectronics over the past 20 years. They are proactive in identifying potential problems and recommending solutions, response times are very fast, and the team members are all very knowledgeable and professional. They are always there for us whenever IT problems come up and provide prompt and effective solutions. I highly recommend Zia Networks for IT services.”

Robin Cantor

Star CryoElectronics

How we can help you.

File Security

We can help protect your electronic files with IT Security.

Catered Software

Ensure all software packages on your network work well together.

Secure Network

Maintain your computer network for a stable, rock-solid foundation for your firm.

Proactive Support

Virtually eliminate downtime with proactive monitoring and prompt support for all your employees.

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