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IT services that help small & mid-sized companies get back to business.

"Great Company that has exceeded my expectations on multiple occasions! Customer Service and Responsiveness second to none! In 15+ years owning my business, I have not found any IT company as knowledgeable and determined [in delivering exactly what we've requested] as Zia Networks. Highly recommend these guys!"
Devan Vest
Rio Grande Orthodontics
"Paul and his team helped out our young business during a tumultuous period and got our computers and phones working in no time flat. Paul is very knowledgeable, thorough and timely in delivery of expert services. I would recommend Zia Networks to any and all who want to take the headache out of managing their own IT services and let a team of trustworthy experts handle it."
IT support -david
David Dooling
Innovative Oncology Business Solutions

The Power of Process: Our Story

No more IT worries, ever.

Like so many self-started businesses, Zia Networks began with a passion and a problem.

The passion? All things computers and IT. My team and I are all bona fide computer geeks; a fascination that, for many of us, goes right back to childhood. My own love of tech was sparked when I got my first glimpse of a computer monitor as a adolescent. That passion ignited my career and propelled me through many years in the evolving IT industry, in roles as service manager, chief technology officer, and IT security administrator for various organizations here in New Mexico.

Now for the problem: tech support. Specifically, what I call “shotgun tech support” that only patches up problems rather than getting to their roots. I saw this time and time again as the lead network person and IT security manager for Century Bank. Whenever I had to call in outside vendors to assist with our desktop computers, servers, phone system, or procurement, they came and fixed the immediate problem at hand. But the approach was ad hoc and aimed solely at minimizing downtime. There was no process, no vision, and no lasting results. It was like Groundhog Day. The next time the bank needed tech support, the vendors would rush to find a temporary fix using the same scattershot approach. By prioritizing speedy solutions, we actually ended up wasting huge amounts of time and money.

That’s when my vision for Zia Networks began to form. I saw a real opportunity to serve New Mexico by offering a different kind of IT and tech support that would function, not as a band-aid, but a business asset. One that would truly solve problems and improve clients’ lives — and livelihoods. I used my experience working for banks and other major organizations to create a business roadmap, guided by the question:

What does a business IT infrastructure need to be both stable and secure?

IT support that works like an extension of your team.

And not just another external vendor working with your business.

Find out how we can help your business too by booking a free discovery call with our team today.

Our Story, Our Team.

Zia Networks was founded in 2014 when our owners saw a need for professional IT support that offered not only top-notch service but solutions that were value-based and accessible to the small and mid-sized business community. Since then, Zia has grown in size and reach, collaborating with clients and companies in multi-state locations, including large-scale projects for the state of New Mexico.

If you’re ready to stop letting IT troubles eat up your time and drag down your productivity, reach out to us today to get started. Our team have collectively nearly 60 years of IT experience!

Daisy 1

Daisy Lopez

Help Desk Technician

7+ years experience in IT.

Gabe 1

Gabriel Silva

Help Desk Technician

4+ years experience in IT.

Cindy 1

Cindy MacDonnell

Help Desk Technician

20+ years experience in IT.

Paul 1

Paul Quintana

IT Director

21+ years experience in IT.

Tyson 1

Tyson Cole

Service Manager

10+ years experience in IT.

Our certifications.


CompTIA A+ Certification

Every business needs information to help it succeed. Having different types of critical or relevant information resources can help you grow your business and get the best out of your IT investment.

CompTIA Network+ certification

CompTIA Network+ validates the knowledge and skills of networking professionals. It is an international, vendor-neutral certification that recognizes a technician’s ability to describe the features and functions of networking components and to manage, maintain, troubleshoot, install, operate and configure basic network infrastructure.
se 1

CompTIA Security+ Certified

The CompTIA Security+ certification designates knowledgeable professionals in the field of security, one of the fastest-growing fields in IT. Security threats are increasing in number and severity, and the gap between the need for security professionals and qualified IT personnel is the largest of any IT specialty.
The complete Cisco CCNA Certification Guide1

Cisco Certified Network

A CCENT certification opens the doors to a career in networking. Having your CCENT means you have what it takes to manage a small, enterprise branch network. A CCENT is your first step toward CCNA certification and will help you stand out from the crowd in entry-level positions.
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Cisco Certified Routing & Switching

Cisco is the worldwide leader in networking that transforms how people connect, communicate and collaborate. Cisco Channel Partner Program have access to the solutions, training, tools and support needed to help satisfy their customers.
mac technician

Mac Certification

The ability to perform basic troubleshooting and repair of both desktop and portable Macintosh systems, such as iMac and MacBook Pro. ACMT certification exams emphasize identifying and resolving common Mac OS X problems and using Apple Service and Support products and practices.

Our Partners.

This Is Paul Quintana - he's here to help with your infrastructure.

Why not book a convenient 30 minutes with our Director?

He regularly offers these huge value sessions, without charge, to companies who feel overwhelmed with their infrastructure issues and need guidance and the right expertise.

It’s a free, no-obligation chat and it could start you on the path to removing the pains of IT.

Paul 1

The answer turned out to be simple: process. Building and maintaining solid IT infrastructure all comes down to having good processes that are proven, repeatable, and predictable. Add in a team of experts who know those processes inside and out and you’ve got a winning strategy for auditing systems effectively, pinpointing problems reliably, and implementing lasting solutions.

I built Zia Networks on these pillars and hired top-notch talent who shared its vision and values. We launched in 2014, and Century Bank went from being my employer to my first managed contract client.

The Zia Difference: What You Can Expect From Working With Us

As we approach close to a decade in business, proudly serving dozens of New Mexico businesses, we’ve got IT support down to a science.

It all starts with your business: your purpose, your goals, and your unique way of doing things. Because a one-size-fits-all approach simply can’t deliver the kind of specialized support that each business needs to make the most of their IT infrastructure. The way we see it, it’s not enough to just make sure your tech is up and running — your tech should be optimized, customized, and primed to accelerate your business. Making this happen is an ongoing effort, with regular network checks to ensure that systems are secure and up to date and backed by detailed documentation, including policies, procedures, and best practices, so we can maintain that peak performance at all times.

We never forget that our valued clients have tons of options for their IT support. That’s why we focus on offering a superior service that delivers real value, with the kind of personal touch only an intentionally small firm can provide.

Here’s what makes the Zia difference:

  • We’re a small team with extensive expertise

As a small team, we have the privilege of being on a first-name basis with our clients, whether it’s a five-person operation or a nationally recognized brand. Our combined expertise allows us to offer the latest systems tech used by big corporations, without sacrificing one-on-one service with a smile.

  • We manage our client roster with care

We don’t spread ourselves thin trying to serve as many clients as possible. We take the time to ensure that every new account we take on is the right fit and can genuinely benefit from our service. That way, when our clients need us, we’re ready for action — not scrambling to squeeze another ticket into an overflowing queue.

  • We answer on the first call

Well, most of the time. We do our best to pick up each and every client call before it goes to voicemail. But on the rare occasion that it does, we’re on it ASAP. This fast-response time is more than just a guarantee — it’s written right into our service agreement.

  • We think things through

We take the time to find the right solution for your business, not just the quick one. When a client has an IT issue, we consider their needs, network, and software, rather than just throwing ideas at the wall to see what sticks. As a team, we have daily check-ins about every client on our roster, so we know the ins and outs of their business, from their routers to their RAM.

  • We’re one of New Mexico’s best-kept secrets

We have offices in Albuquerque and Santa Fe, but we keep a low profile. Why? To avoid foot traffic and other distractions that might interfere with serving our clients. What’s more, we’re a homegrown business committed to serving our local community. Every member of our eight-person team is proud to call New Mexico home, so our clients never have to worry about their call being bounced to another state or overseas.

Ready to hand over your IT to the experts? Get in touch today for your free, no-obligation call with me. Together, we’ll go over your goals and ambitions and how Zia can help.

Paul Quintana

Founder + Owner, Zia Networks