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“Zia Networks has provided excellent IT support to our company."
Gabriel Martinez
GM Emulson

Modern IT Solutions

for the construction industry.

Deadlines, multiple stakeholders, and strict regulations – we appreciate, are just some of the challenges that you face daily. With a fast-paced and dynamic working environment, which relies heavily upon data and communication between all of the parties involved in build projects; your business demands more from technology.

We are proud to have years of experience in supporting the needs of organizations just like yours – at various levels of the construction industry.

We understand the challenges you face in construction.

Data Protection?

Finding that your critical data is left out in the open to the many online threats?

Dated Software?

Are you using a combination of software packages that don't work well together?

IT Security?

Often finding that you're under attack from multiple cyber attacks?

Poor Support?

Spending most of the time with problems and broken IT systems?

Client case study.



When GM Emulsion reached out to us five years ago, they had a minimal network and were just getting used to working with computers. The service they were receiving from their previous supplier was not up to standard.

How we helped

The first suggestion we made was for us to manage the back end of a new server and transfer their files and financial software. We then configured reliable backups, with files replicating to multiple servers.

We then upgraded all of their PC’s to Windows 10, to ensure they were using a supported and secure operating system, before moving on to upgrading their network, making it PCI compliant and installing a firewall.

GM Emulsion have been happy with the service we provide, saying “What is excellent about Zia Networks is the process that’s in place. Everything is monitored and automated. You get local technicians who live in the area. The documentation process is not lax, so anyone at the office can pull up the documentation on a system or service with problems.”

“Zia Networks has provided excellent IT support to our company. Their staff is extremely knowable and has worked hand in hand to help grow our company while being able to keep our operating systems up to date with all the latest technology. There is not a job that they can't handle while providing the best quality customer care.”

Gabriel Martinez

GM Emulsion LLC

How we can help you.

File Security

We can help protect your electronic files with IT Security.

Catered Software

Ensure all software packages on your network work well together.

Secure Network

Maintain your computer network for a stable, rock-solid foundation for your firm.

Proactive Support

Virtually eliminate downtime with proactive monitoring and prompt support for all your employees.

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