Windows 10: Should Microsoft Edge be your Default Browser?

Windows 10: Should Microsoft Edge be your Default Browser?

You are most likely one of many who decided to upgrade your operating system to Windows 10, and after, have likely received recommendations from Windows to use Edge as your default internet browser. There are other browser options available, so would Edge be a wise choice for you and your company?

Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome

When Microsoft first decided that Edge was going to be the Windows 10 default browser, many of its consumers didn’t get the memo. They used other browser options, mostly Google Chrome. This was not surprising as Edge did not have many extensions and it was difficult to use.

In January 2020, this changed when Microsoft released its new version of Edge. They had utilized Chromium, which is a open-sourced browser project. Chromium is also used by Google Chrome. In this new version, Microsoft has resolved its past issues, including a cleaner design and the ability to run chrome extensions.

As a result of using Chromium, both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge have similar designs and everyday browsing. The search engine tool is different because Chrome uses the Google search engine and Edge uses the Microsoft’s Bing. A few features that Microsoft Edge has over Chrome is its memory usage and privacy settings. It uses less RAM and resources which is great for devices with limited memory. Microsoft is also known for its major updates, so its believed that it will keep up and surpass Chrome’s features.

What default browser are you using?

You can check to see what default browser is listed on your computer. If you updated to version 20H2 of Windows 10, these pictures will look more similar to your computer.

If you select Start menu, click on Settings. Next, select Apps, and then Default Apps. There will be a list provided, and Web Browser will be toward the bottom. You can click on the icon and choose which browser to use.

You will also notice an option underneath that says, ”Reset to the Microsoft recommended defaults”. When I clicked on that option, it changed my web browser default from Google Chrome to Microsoft Edge automatically. You may see notifications from your computer requesting that you change to Edge or use some of its new tools. Will you take advantage of these?

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