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In the 1980s a profound technological shift began which would come to revolutionize the way we all communicate and the ways in which organizations offer their products and services. From the advent of the world wide web and email to the proliferation of personal computers and cell phones, the “digital revolution” as it has come to be known, has changed our lives irrevocably, both individually and in the workplace. 

For from being over, some say we are entering a new phase of this revolution, one in which emerging technologies such as AI and automation promise to play an increasingly critical role. Over the past decade, cloud computing has transformed corporate IT and granted widespread access to software and computing resources that were once limited to vast companies with equally large IT budgets. Needless to say, it’s an exciting time in the world of business technology in Albuquerque and Santa Fe, both for providers and consumers, with tangible business benefits available to businesses willing to keep pace with the latest trends. 

While digital transformation can offer great rewards and new opportunities, we appreciate that embracing change is not without its challenges, particularly when you’ve got the daily pressures of running a business to contend with. We also appreciate that many organisations view their IT primarily as a vehicle for commercial goals and growth ambitions, with priority given to invulnerable data security and robust, dependable enterprise solutions. Leveraging technology in a way that unlocks your business’s potential while meeting current obligations requires the help of a dynamic, committed and caring IT partner, and that’s exactly what we strive to be here at Zia Networks.  

Zia Networks – Who are we? 

Founded in 2014, Zia Networks is a full-service IT provider serving New Mexico and beyond, from our two offices located in Albuquerque and Santa Fe. While our business may be young, our dedicated, 7-strong team combines over 50 years’ experience in IT, and we hold numerous industry-recognized accreditations and vendor partnerships. We’re currently helping over 70 small to medium sized businesses across Albuquerque and Santa Fe get the most from their IT systems through strategy-driven deployments and diligent, proactive system maintenance and support.  

We’d love to get your organization onboard too, but by now you’re probably wondering what differentiates Zia Networks from the competition, what makes us unique in the highly competitive IT services market?  

Here’s a consolidated rundown of what the best IT support company in Albuquerque and Santa Fe can bring to your business. 

Tailored IT support that molds to fit your business 

We offer flexible packages ranging from comprehensive, all-encompassing IT support and management, to ancillary services designed to complement an existing team. We’ll work with you to devise a tailored arrangement, charged via an affordable, transparent monthly fee. 

Our tried-and-tested onboarding process makes getting started simple. It all starts with a no-obligation discovery call. We then visit your premises on a fact-finding mission in order to gain an understanding of your network in its current configuration. Then, we use the knowledge we’ve gained to develop an IT support proposal that’s as unique as your business – no cookie cutter services here! You’ll be guided through the process by our director Paul, who boasts over 2 decades’ experience in IT: so you can rest assured you’ll be in safe hands! 

Cybersecurity is fundamental to everything we do 

With the global cost of cyber attacks expected to rise to over $10 trillion in 2025 (compared to $3 trillion in 2015) it pays to have an IT partner with a strong commitment to cybersecurity.  

We weave cybersecurity best practice into every service we provide and every change we bring about.  

Starting with 24/7 monitoring as the keystone of your cybersecurity strategy, we’ll monitor your network round the clock, ensuring key metrics indicate good system health and that system updates and security patches are applied in a timely manner.  

Using a comprehensive technical audit as the basis for prescribing best-fit security tools, we’ll apply the necessary defenses to keep your environment safe. From next-generation firewall protections and endpoint antivirus to device management and email encryption: we’ll guard every corner of your network and exclude the cyber criminals from your data and systems. 

Best-in-class connectivity and leading workplace productivity tools 

From a superfast internet connection to the very best in workplace productivity software, we can introduce technology designed to fast-track productivity goals and commercial ambitions.  

‘Workflow automation’ is latest buzzword and is emerging as the ‘next big thing’ in enterprise technology. We can help you automate key business processes, freeing up your team to focus on activities that bring value to your business. 

Whether you’d like to make existing systems remote-friendly by migrating assets to the cloud, or you’re looking to explore innovative platforms like Microsoft 365, we’ll steer your transitions and ensure they’re seamless and stress-free. By paying close attention to your business objectives and constraints, we’ll only ever suggest products that are realistically priced and compatible with your compliance obligations.  

We thrive on high-quality, long-term partnerships 

We’re not here for the quick buck, we’re here to develop mutually beneficial, enduring partnerships founded on integrity and trust.  

We aim to start every relationship on the right foot: with a 30-minute discovery call during which you’re under no obligation to commit. Then, after getting to know how you operate, we’ll come up with a plan that seeks to deliver measurable value for your business. We’ll shoulder the burden of IT maintenance so you can focus on your business, and with over 57 years’ combined IT experience we know how to use technology strategically in order to address business problems. 

With extensive experience serving businesses across a wide range of sectors, we understand the diverse range of challenges businesses face in relation to technology.  

If you operate in the field of professional services in Albuquerque or Santa Fe, we’ll rigorously maintain your environment for 100% uptime, and store any records you need for the purpose of regulatory audits. 

Do you operate in the construction sector? We can help you modernize your workflows and ensure all the parties you work with have access to the data they need without compromising information security. We’ll help you apply the necessary controls to safeguard sensitive information both on and off site. 

We’ve also worked with healthcare providers, non-profit organisations, manufacturers, retailers and more, giving us unique insights into the budgetary, regulatory and operational pressures present in a wide variety of sectors. 

Get in touch today 

Is your IT support provider charging a premium for sub-par service? Is non-proactive support causing excessive downtime? Is your provider failing to maintain the integrity of your digital assets, leaving you vulnerable to cyber-attacks? 

If your business is suffering at the hands of poor IT support, then get in touch with Zia Networks by booking a discovery call today. Our talented, friendly and energetic team will solve your technology woes, and help you unlock your business’s true potential.


Our Zia Networks team connects with and supports our New Mexico businesses.

Let us focus on your technology, so you can focus on your business!

Call us today at (505) 428-6544, or email us at [email protected]

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