Computer Repair

We fix PCs and laptops throughout Santa Fe and Albuquerque

Are your home or office computers running slowly or do they take forever to start up? Do you need the help of an IT professional to get your software, hardware or new computer running as you'd like? Zia Networks can help, with our extensive range of PC, Mac and Laptop Repair services. We can do on and off-site service and repair throughout Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Española, Rio Rancho, Los Alamos and across New Mexico and can take actions as minor as adjusting your settings and preferences, or use more involved techniques including necessary maintenance or installing, uninstalling, and reinstalling software.

Optimal hardware performance is vital for any business. Our Computer Repair solution will replace slow and out-of-date software, and fix peripherals like printers and scanners.

PC and Laptop Repair services from Zia Networks include:

  • Computer diagnostics and repair estimates - our technicians test your PCs, or Macs to see what’s causing problems and provide an estimate to fix it
  • Computer diagnostics with repair - we’ll find out what’s causing your computer problems and solve them for better performance
  • System performance tune-up - optimize your computer performance with security, updates and a cleaning
  • Hardware installations - our experts can help upgrade hardware, chips, hard drives, CD drives and memory upgrades
  • Peripheral installations - we’ll install software, hardware, USB or FireWire, printers, copier and scanner software, digital cameras, mobile phones, webcams and gaming devices
  • Computer cleaning service - our experts will clean all dust and debris from inside your computer case, fans and drives for optimal performance
  • New computer setup - our technicians will setup your new computer, webcam, Internet, printer and more

On site repairs

Zia Networks provides on-site business and home computer repair. Our experienced staff can repair your network, printers, scanners, as well as other peripherals and computers.

  • For PCs
    Is your Windows PC running slowly? Or are you getting pop-up advertisements and errors on your screen? Don't panic! We can solve all your PC issues on time, because we understand that your online business can’t risk any downtime. We offer support ranging from virus removal, hardware upgrades, software installs, application installs and anything else you may think of relating to your personal computer. With Windows XP no longer supported, we can help you backup and migrate your data to a new Windows 7 or 10 machines.
  • For Macs
    Is your Mac too slow or shows a folder with a question mark in it while powering on? Or you cannot remember your user password? We offer you our Apple computer repair and support in resetting your passwords, transferring your data, upgrading your hardware, application installs, software updates, OS X upgrades and much more. Allow our Apple Certified Macintosh Technicians (ACMT) to work and get your computer running as it were when you first unboxed it.

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