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IT expert: “Crazy number” of New Mexico businesses paying for software they don’t use

Huge numbers of businesses in New Mexico are either paying for software they don’t use, or are barely scratching the surface of the software they rely on.

And that means they’re not just wasting money, but are missing out on opportunities to save time and improve productivity.

That’s the view of local technology expert Paul Quintana of Zia Networks – who believes businesses aren’t getting enough support with their software to help them maximize it.

“Almost every business I start working with is paying for software they never use,” he said.

“Perhaps a member of staff started a trial but never canceled it. Or more likely it’s a service the business does use but they are paying for more licenses than they are actively using.

Paul added: “I also find that businesses relying on Microsoft 365 still think it’s just about Word, Excel and Teams.

“There are actually dozens of amazing applications included in a standard business subscription that can improve collaboration, strengthen customer relations, and even analyze data.

“But businesses don’t know about them, because they haven’t been shown. I’m setting out to change that.”

Paul suggests working with technology consultants and investing in training to understand the full range of features each software solution offers.

To help, he has written a new guide that highlights some of the least used productivity apps in Microsoft 365.

It’s available to download for free now from www.zianetworks.net

Zia Networks provides a full range of expert IT support and advice. The company was formed in 2014 and specializes in supporting businesses in the New Mexico area.

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