Importance of a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Importance of a Virtual Private Network (VPN)


Now more than ever, we are all concerned about our online privacy. When we use a public Wi-Fi network, we worry about what or who could be intercepting our connection. Public networks are everywhere; from your place of work to your local coffee shop. When we are online, how do we keep ourselves safe and secure?

That is where VPN security comes in!

What is a VPN?

A virtual private network (VPN) is a tool that is used to protect our privacy while we are on the internet. It encrypts the data you are accessing and sending, and it hides your online identity. So your payment information, personal details, and documents are encrypted and protected from outside attackers.

The best way to explain how a VPN works is by imagining a secure tunnel, where you and your devices are on one side, and your internet destinations and server are on the other side.

Benefits of having a VPN

Privacy From Your Internet Service Provider (ISP)

When you are using the internet in your home, you can worry less about online attackers. However, your internet service provider can see your internet data and choose what to do with it. They can slow your service down when you use a lot of your data, or collect your data and let it go public. VPNs can hide your data usage and the sites you visit.

Privacy from Apps and Services

There are some apps and services that are criticized for taking advantage of their visitors by taking and selling their information. A VPN will limit your browser history and content so they will send you less ads and pop-ups.

Access to Geographically-Restricted Sites

When you use your computer online, your IP address is publicized. Your IP address discloses the location of your computer, and sometimes that is not ideal when you are on the internet. There are online services or businesses that will not allow individuals to fully access them when they are in certain countries or regions. With a VPN, you will get another IP address that will hide your location.

Security when working remotely

A VPN can help your business by connecting you with your employees and remote workers simultaneously. When a remote worker connects to the VPN, they get access to another computer and use the same applications as if they were on-site.

Easy to Use

VPNs are easier to use than you would expect. There are some companies who created their services to be user-friendly.

VPNs are now a vital component of cybersecurity, and if you need help selecting the right one for your business, consult with our security experts today. We also offer comprehensive cybersecurity services so no hacker or third party can get their hands on your data.

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