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“Zia has helped me work from home via installing a VPN and I appreciate their general availability to call me if I have tech issues during work hours; They are always readily available to assist with remote access issues.”


“I call and they’re in my computer within minutes fixing the problem; It’s great that Zia can remote in; No problem is too small; Zia encourages us to reach out to them so that we can get the help we need; When I feel like giving up because my computer or the software isn’t functioning as it should and I’m at my wit’s end, Zia will stick with getting the issue resolved even if it takes a long time – they don’t limit us to a certain timeframe; Zia is resourceful – they are aware of products that will enhance our office’s effectiveness and efficiency and they make recommendations based on their observations or the question that are posed.”

“Thank you Zia – we were unsure about transferring our IT services over to you – it’s a BIG DEAL. We’re glad we did!!!”


– Hunt Law Firm


Offering IT Support across Albuquerque and Santa Fe.

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