Google Chrome 91 Update

Google Chrome 91 Update

Exciting news! On May 25, 2021, Google had announced a new update to their stable desktop channel for Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. They are planning to release this update in the next few days/weeks.

What is a Stable Channel?

There are three different software channels that test the newest features of the Chrome Operating System (OS); Stable, Beta, and Dev. The Chrome OS team fully tests with the Stable channel. It updates every 2 to 3 weeks for minor updates, but takes 6 weeks to major changes. Out of the three, it takes longer for updates to release but is the best option to avoid bugs and crashes.

Fixes and Improvements

The Chrome 91 update has released 32 security fixes, and several developer improvements. These improvements include:

  • GravitySensor API
  • CSS custom counter styles
  • JSON Module
  • WebOTP API: Cross-origin iframe support
  • WebSockets over HTTP/2
  • WebTransport

Also, they added an improvement for convenience sake. You now have the ability to copy and paste files into web pages. However, you cant do this with any tool. “Chrome supports files via DataTransfer for drag and drop, but not for clipboard,” explains Google’s status page for this feature.

Update to Google Chrome 91

You can personally update to version 91 by going to your Google Chrome browser, and selecting Settings > Help > About Google Chrome.

It will automatically start updating when you get on the page, and then it will ask you to relaunch to finish the update.

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