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Cyber Security Tips That Every Small Business Should Follow

Cyber Security Tips That Every Small Business Should Follow

In this digital age, more and more hackers are targeting small businesses. If you happen to own a small business, following these tips will help prevent cyber-attacks. One of the common misconceptions in the minds of most small business owners is that their business is safe from hacking attacks just because it is small. This could not be further from the truth. In fact, hackers think of small businesses as an easy target because most of the owners of these businesses do not take the necessary steps to prevent cyber-attacks.

Sure, attacking a Fortune 500 company could be highly profitable for hackers, but it would also be far more difficult. Small businesses, on the other hand, are much easier to target. Therefore, never take your company’s cyber security for granted. Follow these basic tips when implementing your small business’s cyber security plan.

Cyber Security Advice for Small Businesses

Security Awareness Training

Providing awareness training to every employee is necessary for every small business. It is the perfect way to create a culture in which everyone knows safe internet usage, security basics, password creation, and sensitive data handling. Security awareness training programs should teach employees to prevent phishing attacks. It should also provide simulation training to test their skills.

Implementing a Strong Firewall

Firewalls are an excellent start to cyber security, which sits between the outside world and small business networks. It helps to avoid unauthorized access to a company’s stored data or network. Every firewall is different and it is wise to spend a little more money on the next generation’s firewall. It is also important to ensure that your remote workers have adequate firewall protection as well.


Having a backup policy these days is as vital. In cases like ransomware attacks, your business should be capable of recovering crucial pieces of data. You should also thoroughly test your backups to ensure file recovery.

Web Filter Implementation

By implementing a web filter for your business, you will be able to avoid active web-based attacks. Web filters help to prevent untrained employees from entering phishing sites. DNS web filters offer protection for remote workers on wireless as well as wired networks. It prevents users from going to websites full of malware and also blocks malware downloads.

Secure Wireless Network

It is also important to make sure that your wireless network is safe. Encrypt and secure the data. Also, remember to change the default passwords while making sure that outside networks cannot access it.

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