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Common Myths About Your Computer

Common Myths About Your Computer

There are many myths circulating on the internet, making it difficult to determine what is true. You most likely have also come across myths about computer repairs too. In this article, we will discuss some of the most common myths which you might have heard:

Draining the Battery

It is commonly believed that batteries must be fully drained before they are recharged in order to preserve the battery life. However most of the newer devices come with lithium-ion batteries, which do not need to be fully drained before being recharged. Lithium-ion batteries also do not need to be fully charged prior to first use.

Apple computers Do Not Get Viruses

It is the biggest myth of all time that an Apple computer cannot be infected by a virus. The Mac OS is generally more secure than Windows, but it is still possible to get a virus. No system is completely immune to viruses or malware.

An Anti-Virus Software is All You Need

Viruses are getting more advanced with time. Experts say that anti-virus programs are not full-proof, nor will they protect your computer 100%. Malware scans can only scan for known malware and are unable to detect new active software.

Misconceptions about Automatic Updates

Many people think that automatic updates are risky for their computers. Some people believe that their computers will become susceptible to attacks from various viruses so block automatic updates. Although some updates may create issues, it is important to update your software as many updates close security loopholes.

Viruses Can Cause Physical Damage to the Hardware

Some people believe viruses like BIOS and CIH can harm your computer physically, however computers exploding because of a virus is just a rumor. Computers become infected through the BIOS, and you have to remove the problematic files manually, however your hardware will remain safe.

My Computer is Running More Slowly, It Must Have a Virus or Malware

If you think that viruses and malware are the only reasons why your computer is slowing down, then you are very wrong. In some cases, viruses and malware may be the cause, however there could be other factors making your computer run more slowly, including things like an old hard drive, your computer running out of disk drive space and RAM, too many start programs running as well as other things.

It will help if you don’t believe everything that you read on the internet. Whenever you see any information surfacing on the internet, you should try to do more research and then make an educated decision to believe it or not.

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